From our home in the Isle of Man, let us take the hassle out of mining so you can start earning.

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SrIDNameGroupMonthly3 Months6 MonthsYearly2 Years3 Years
11259Miner Colocation - POD2Cryptominer Colocation£150 N/AN/A£150 N/AN/A



£ 119.97

Per Month
  • Only Billed On Power (per kW)
  • No Additional Charges
  • Self Managed
  • Requires Configuration Prior To                  Shipping
  • Technical Assistance Required Once        Miners Are In Place Is Charged
  • £150.00 Infrastructure Fee
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£ 60.00

Per Month
  • Initial Miner Setup
  • Unlimited Remote Hands And                    Technical Support
  • DDOS Protection
  • Firewall Protected
  • VPN Access
  • Uptime Monitoring And Restart If              Required
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